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So we are a little late to the blogging world, about 7 years now we come to think

about it but nevertheless welcome to our first blog post!


Over the next few weeks we will be taking a recap on who we are and what we do,

as well as regularly posting things we think you might find interesting and helpful

relating to eczema/dermatitis/psoriasis, sensitive skin, natural skincare and allergies



We’ve got lots of good advice to share drawing on our own personal experiences

(with my own sensitive skin battles and as a mother with two ‘atopic’ children

including my son, the inspiration behind Bria Organics, who spent a week in hospital

when his eczema was at its worst) and from what our customers have shared with



So I’m Lee the founder, I’m fairly passionate about natural approaches to everything

but in particular skincare, allergies and food. In a nutshell there is a lot of stuff in

modern life that we can do without that directly and indirectly affects our health and

wellbeing, most of it there for convenience and profit!


I will tell you more in the next post about how Bria Organics came to be but where I’d

really like to start is to say thanks to all our customers old and new, in particular

those who are so happy to share their experiences and success stories. It certainly

inspires and motivates us.


Hearing that our Relief Repair Replenish Balm meant a child has slept through the

night, someone’s confidence has improved or a skin problem has cleared after years

of trialling hundreds of products really makes us smile. I know from experience that

itchy, sore skin can affect so much of life, physically socially and mentally.


I feel really privileged that I’ve been able to grow a business based around helping

others and changing lives (a customer’s words not mine!) albeit with a lot of hard

work and determination and as ever remain committed to making the most effective

products suitable for extra-sensitive skin.


Over the past seven years I’ve developed the business to fit around my two children

and never envisaged that it would grow as much as it has. We are still teeny

compared with some but are now selling all over the world, being recommended by

GP’s, dermatology departments and the odd celeb!


As my youngest started school last September we’ve been able to step up a gear.

We are working through every aspect of the business, improving our service, making

new products on customer suggestions, improving the website and winning awards!

(more on that to come)


But we’d still like to know what you think…


So please get in touch, tell us what you think, what new products you’d like to see

and any improvements we can make.


Our aim is to share more research, tips and advice relating to eczema, problem skin

and allergies in future posts but please remember we aren’t medically qualified so

always seek medical advice. It’s also good to remember allergies and sensitivities

can be a very individual thing in that what works for one person doesn’t work for

another but the important thing is not to give up hope as there are lots positive

changes you can make.


Luckily a lot of the changes we suggest are better for all round health and the

environment too so it’s always worth persevering.


If you’d like to hear more you can subscribe by clicking the ‘Follow’ link on the

bottom right of this page, that way when we have any offers and give-aways you will

be the first to hear.

Author: briaorganics

100% natural and organic skincare for babies, children and adults. Specialising in balms and oils for dry skin prone to eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis.

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